We believe in science that improves people's lives

We create tools to improve productivity and competitiveness in the industry. A range of unique and innovative solutions that encompass the latest advances in technology.

What do we do at Mottus?

Our automation solution is flexible and designed to meet the needs of customers in industry 5.0.
Design and development services for robots adapted to the specific needs of each customer
Industrial training and consulting
From industrial consulting to additive manufacturing, through training for vocational education teachers
Industrial Consulting
Analysis, advice, and optimization of production processes.

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Design and Manufacturing
3D mechanical design, electrical/pneumatic design, additive manufacturing of industrial parts, electrical panel design and manufacturing.
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Subcontracting service for programmers in various areas: PLC/SCADA, Robotics, Artificial Vision, IoT...
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Study, advice, and collaboration for grant-funded research projects applicable to producing companies.
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Vocational Education Training
Industrial programming courses for updating knowledge of vocational education teachers.
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Industrial Engineering
Customized "turnkey" project development.
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Collaborative BinPicking. ABB + InPicker + Festo

Collaborative binpicking is ideal for industry 5.0, as it offers an efficient solution for reducing costs and improving productivity.

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Our mission is to offer the industry tools to improve its productivity and competitiveness. Don't wait any longer, contact us to discover how we can help you.
Funded by the Kit Digital Program. Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of Spain 'Next Generation EU'.
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